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Hanne Gaby Odiele photographed by Pierre Debusschere for Document #4

photographed by Brett Lloyd for Modern Weekly China

Models standing in front of a huge screen of Christian Dior’s lucky charm, lily of the valley, for Dior Homme F/W 2014 collection shown at the Long Museum in Shanghai 

I feel like someone made a fake account of Terry Richardson on Facebook and sent that message to Emma Appleton. Appleton was so shocked that she couldn’t even think whether the profile was real and that she was being trolled. I mean given that Richardson was under fire attack like a month ago it seems impractical of him to harass someone online. I am not saying that he is innocent or am taking sides with him as we all know that there is more than enough photographic and anecdotal proof of what he has committed behind the closed doors. The timing of this incident is so spot on that we don’t even know if the profile of Terry Richardson is real or that Appleton just clicked ‘Share on Twitter’ while in total shock without checking if it was really him. Whether it be someone faking to be Terry or not I am so glad that Terry’s creepiness is getting more and more exposure in the media. I honestly don’t care if he doesn’t hold any guilt for this particular incident but really it is time that the industry stops acknowledging his pervy ass and kicks it right out the door. 

Model in various headpieces made by the ultra-talented milliner Katsuya Kamo for Junya Watanabe, Undercover and others photographed by John Minh Nguyen for Modern Weekly China

photographed by Vanessa Jackman 

Dior Homme F/W 2014 in Shanghai 

"It was a great experience because I’m used to doing a show only once. Bringing it all to a different country—it’s quite something. We’re trying to keep it interesting, you know? We make a different set, so everybody gets a different view on things. We do a local casting as well. We have to fly in the ateliers to do the fittings on the new guys and all that, so it brings along quite a lot of work, but it’s exciting because it actually allows you to see the same clothes on local guys, and so that together with the new setup makes it a new experience. For me, it’s less stressful because I kind of know that everything will be OK in the first show, so it’s a more enjoyable experience." - Kris Van Assche

photographed by Alberto Maria Colombo

Gabriel Croisser S/S 2014